Our Partners
Central Paving has been locally owned and operated by the
Chiarello family since 1978.

Meet the Team:

- Pat Chiarello
- Sam Chiarello
- Roberto Chiarello
- Carlo Chiarello
- Franco Chiarello
- Sammy Chiarello
- Jon Parker
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Our Partners
Central Paving is a proud member of the Ottawa Construction Association.
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Since 1978 the Chiarello's have always had more than enough work to do. Why? Because we believe that if you work hard with hard working people great things can happen. For over 30 years we have enjoyed delighting clients and partners with our hands-on approach to 'getting the job done'.

As owners and operators of Central Paving, the Chiarello family and team specialize in the asphalt paving, grading and concrete aspects of the construction industry. From the beginning the company has always been about family.


After emigrating from Italy in 1959, Gabrielle Chiarello worked for 20 years in the concrete industry before teaming up with two partners to form Central Paving in 1978. As Gabrielle was determined to have a business he could pass on to his children, one of the partners was bought out in 1980 and the other in 1993.

Gabrielle's two eldest sons, Pat and Sam, worked every summer of their college days on the company's job sites. In the next eight years, Gabrielle's three other sons, Carlo, Roberto and Franco would also join the company. When Gabrielle eventually retired in 1993 after a long, hard working career, he left his company in the very capable hands of his five sons.


Central Paving is now well established with more than 25 workers and reputation for excellence with the local contractors. Offering a wide range of services the Central Paving group is used to working 14 hours days, 6 days a week in the busy summer season. Every project, no matter how hard, how big or small, is treated with the same care and precision. With an eye on the future Central plans to instill this attitude into the younger generation of Chiarello's. Staying family owned and operated, hands-on and cutting-edge is part of our mission.

"We're building a company in hope that between the five boys, some of our kids will eventually take over. They are already following in our footsteps by coming out to the jobs...they look forward to getting up on Saturdays and riding around on the rollers."

Pat Chiarello - Central Paving